Holidays, holidays, holidays.

My name is Paulo Tavares, I come from Porto in the North of Portugal. Two things I’ve always loved are travel and holidays. When I started primary school I was always looking forward to school holidays, I just couldn’t wait. Holidays meant I could go on long trips with my grandfather to the Alentejo region where he would go to buy cork and that’s how I started to discover Portugal.  As a student I worked and travelled all over Europe during my summer holidays so I could experience different cultures. I have fluent English, French and German and if I had time I’d learn a few more.

I’m Susan and I’ve lived in Portugal for years, I’ve also been a holidaymaker there for several years. If you were to ask me what are my favourite things about Portugal it has to be the people and the literature. That said I love the café culture, the light and of course a glass of Port wine. I’m also fascinated by how such a small country can be so diverse from province to province. I hope you enjoy the content and that it will inspire you to visit Portugal and return and return and return. Seja bem- vindo.

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