Is Aveiro Worth Visiting?

is aveiro worth visiting



Where is Aveiro Located

Aveiro sits on the edge of a salt water lagoon Ria de Aveiro, three canals connect the city to the lagoon and are best explored by riding one of the traditional boats, Moliceiros. A tour is also the best way to get views of the city’s Art Nouveau architecture. The tour lasts about 45 minutes you can book here. It is also worth noting that the city has a free bike rental service.

Is aveiro worth visiting



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How far is Aveiro From Porto

The canal city of Aveiro is 76 km south of Porto and is easily accessible by train from São Bento station in the centre of Porto. It takes 1hr 15min to reach Aveiro and there are over 20 daily train services from Porto to Aveiro.

If you are not travelling by car an organised tour provides the opportunity to fit in far more sightseeing in one day and removes the hassle of public transport.

There is a very enjoyable full day tour visiting Aveiro, Costa Nova Beach and taking in the Paiva Walkways trail where you get an opportunity to cross one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

From Porto: Aveiro, Paiva Walkways, and Arouca 516 Footbridge

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Lisbon to Aveiro

Aveiro is 254 Km north of Lisbon. It takes about 2.5 hours by train to get from Lisbon to Aveiro and trains leave almost every hour depending on the train station you are departing from. It takes about the same time by car making the journey a bit long for a day trip. However, Aveiro makes for a good stop on a trip from Lisbon to Porto.


This little city once a great sea port,  has a long history. By the 16th century Aveiro was a considerable town, rich from salt trading and fishing. In 1575 a terrible storm raised a sand bar that blocked the harbour to create the lagoon (ria).  Without access to the sea Aveiro declined and only in the 19th century did Aveiro regain its prosperity with the opening of one of the canals to the sea.

What to do in Aveiro

Explore the Old Quarter

The historic centre of Aveiro is relatively compact and can be seen within a few hours of sightseeing. Start your tour in the old quarter of the city once home to salt warehouses. Although no longer lined with industry this area is still home to fisherman’s houses, cobbled streets and a lively fish market. The upper floor of the fish market is now a buzzing restaurant with views out over the Canal de São Roque.


Along the Central Canal are the Art Nouveau mansions dating from the beginning of the 20th century. Art Nouveau was imported into Aveiro by Portuguese emigrants who left Portugal to find riches in Brazil, returned and built extravagant houses along the canal. Aveiro’s Art Nouveau Museum is a perfect place to start exploring the city’s Art Nouveau heritage. The is a nice café/bar in the courtyard where you can stop for a coffee or a drink.

Is aveiro worth visiting

South of the Central Canal in Praça da República are some of the principal buildings. The Misericórdia Church dates from the 16th century. In the same square you can see the stately 18th century town hall with its distinctive Tuscan style pillars. Nearby is Aveiro’s modest cathedral São Domingos.

Is aveiro worth visiting

Visit the Station

The trains station in Aveiro is well worth a visit even if you are not travelling by train. It is one of the most beautiful in Portugal. The blue and white tiled panels depict the history of the city, its culture, people and famous landmarks.

Tip: A fun way to see the city is via Tuk Tuk tours

 Try Ovos Moles de Aveiro

No trip to Aveiro would be complete without trying Ovos Moles de Aveiro. The local delicacy made from egg yolks and sugar. You can try them in any central café, but Confeitaria Peixinho is the oldest manufacturer of Ovos Moles in Aveiro preserving the original recipe since 1856.

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There are several places nearby worth a visit. You can combine a day trip from Porto to Aveiro with one of the suggestions below. For a day trip that takes in multiple towns you’ll need a car.

  • Costa Nova a beautiful beach resort 7km from Aveiro famed for its colourful beach houses. The beautiful sandy coastline extends for 9km along the western side of the peninsula. Costa Nova is connected to Aveiro by a bus service operated by Transdev. The journey takes about 40 minutes and the  timetable is seasonal. You can download the myTransdev app to check the bus timetables.
  • Vista Alegre Museum in Ílhavo houses the most important national collection tracing the complete history of porcelain production in Portugal. Ílhavo is 5km south of Aveiro and the journey takes about 15 minutes by bus. Buses depart hourly from Aveiro operated by Busway Ciraveiro.
  • Farol de Barra situated on Praia de Barra ( Barra beach) is the tallest lighthouse in Portugal where you can enjoy one of the best costal panoramas in the country. It is open to the public and visits are held Wednesdays from 14.00-17.00.
  • Salinas

Aveiro’s unique blend of canals, architecture, beaches, and culinary delights make it a worthwhile destination to explore. Whether you’re interested in history, natural beauty, or simply enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, Aveiro has something to offer. 

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