Pedro and Inês – A Story of Eternal Love

pedro and ines

Pedro and Ines one of the most well-known Portuguese tales, is a story of forbidden love between Infante Pedro and Inês de Castro.

It started in the 14th century when Infante Pedro, the rightful heir to the throne, married Constança in an arranged marriage. Pedro, however, fell in love with Constança’s lady in-waiting, Inês de Castro and was having a secret affair. The affair became public as soon as Queen Constança died giving birth to Pedro’s child. Her death made Pedro feel comfortable enough to make his relationship official. This decision angered King Afonso IV, his father, who strongly opposed the relationship.  Nevertheless Pedro and Ines decided to live together in Coimbra and have children anyway. King Afonso IV decided to order the murder of Inês de Castro.

quinta das lagrimas coimbra

Quinta das Lágrimas in Coimbra where Inês and Pedro would meet secretly. It is now a 5 star hotel


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Pedro became so furious and would never forgive his father for murdering his lover. When Pedro finally became king in 1357, he ordered the arrest and execution of Inês’ murderers by ripping out their hearts. An action that earned King Pedro the title of “the cruel”.

After her death Pedro crowned Inês queen. She became the first and only Portuguese queen crowned after death. He ordered that her body be moved from Coimbra to the Royal Monastery in Alcobaça. He then ordered that his tomb be next to hers to stay side by side forever. Pedro built two tombs between 1358 and 1367  immortalizing their love story in stone. They are made from limestone from Coimbra and executed in Gothic style. The have lying statues of King Pedro and Inês both crowned.

pedro and ines


King Pedro’s tomb is more detailed. Pedro’s lying statue has its eyes open and he holds his sword with both hands.

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