3 Day Douro Valley Itinerary

Planning a trip to the Douro Valley? In this article we are going to give you the perfect Douro Valley itinerary so all you have to do is follow! Enjoy an itinerary full of dazzling vines, historic towns, villages and manor houses. As this is a 3 Day Itinerary we would suggest that you book your own accommodation, check out our Douro accommodation guide here


Day 1 Douro Valley Itinerary

douro valley itinerary

  • Start your Douro Valley itinerary in Amarante this pretty riverside town is one of the gems of northern Portugal.
  • Cross the Tâmega River and visit the 16th century Baroque style Church of São Gonçalo, a saint who  holds a special place in the hearts of the locals for his matchmaking skills.
  • Stop in Confeitaria da Ponte, Rua 31 de Janeiro 1861, and sample some sweets and pastries once made in the local convent. The best selling are “Papos de Anjos
  • Visit a prized collection of cubist works by Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso ( 1887-1918), one of Portugal’s leading 20th century artists, in the museum named after him.
  • For lunch head for Adega de Kilowatt. This tiny family owned restaurant is one of the culinary gems of Amarante, simple food and great value for money. If you are looking for something special try their tapas of cured meats. If you are not on a tight budget and would like  a really special meal head for Restaurante Canto Redondo at Hotel Casa de Calçada  and enjoy some local specialities with an international touch.
  • After lunch head for Marco de Canavezes and visit the contemporary Church of Santa Maria by Álvaro Siza Vieira an architect from Porto who won the Pritzker Prize for architecture.
  • Spend the evening in Peso da Régua or simply Régua as the locals call it. Enjoy dinner at one of the riverside restaurants.
  • Sleep in Régua.

Tip: Don’t forget to buy some sweets in Régua


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Day 2 Douro Valley Itinerary

  • A must-see in Régua is the Douro Museum set in a contemporary building. It portrays the region’s rich heritage through paintings, writings and other forms of local culture.
  • Head for Lamego an attractive town within the demarcated port area 17 km south of Régua. Historic and monumental there are several highlights of its architectural heritage. Lamego is home to one of Portugal’s premier sparkling wines Raposeira and Presunto de Lamego, a dry-cured ham.
  • Climb the awe-inspiring stairway and visit the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios built on a site that offers a spectacular view over the city.
  • Visit the gothic Cathedral founded in the 12th century that still retains it’s original square tower.
  • Try a  Bôla de Lamego at Pastelaria Dalila. A sour dough bread stuffed with presunto. There are also variants stuffed with sausage, meat, sardines and cod fish.
  • Head for Pinhão, a small town attractively set by a broad stretch of the river.
  • Visit the train station even if you don’t arrive by train. The Linha do Douro – one of the country’s most spectacular rail routes passes through Pinhão on it’s way from Porto. The pretty station is decorated with dazzling tile (azulejo) panels. These blue and white scenes depict local life, including the grape harvest.
  • Sleep in Pinhão, check out our list of best places to stay in Pinhão here

douro valley itinerary

S. João de Pesqueira

Day 3 Douro Valley Itinerary

  • Take a boat trip on a Rabelo, a traditional Portuguese boat. The Rabelos are a reminder of how Port used to be transported.  This two hour boat trip takes you on a breathtaking stretch of the Douro river as far as Tua area. Along the way you’ll see terraced vineyards with no roads or traffic in sight.  To find out more click here
  • Have lunch at one of the riverside restaurants on your return.
  • Take the N222 from Pinhão to São João da Pesqueira. This stretch of road has been described as one of the most beautiful drives in Europe. São João da Pesqueira is a charming town situated in the heart of the Douro region with many well preserved manor houses.
  • Visit São João da Pesqueira Wine Museum, a permanent exhibition linked to the theme of wine. The museum also houses a tasting room, a wine shop, a wine bar and other exhibition and cultural spaces.
  • The entrance hall of the Town Hall in São João da Pesqueira is well worth a visit to see the most beautiful tiled panels depicting scenes from the grape harvest.
  • Stroll around the town to admire the lovely well preserved manor houses.
  • Have dinner in São João de Pesqueira.

We hope you enjoy the trip and be sure to let us know how you got on.



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