Restaurante Lindolfo

Restaurante Lindolfo

Restaurante Lindolfo is a great place for foodies who would like to sample traditional Portuguese cuisine. It is not far from Porto, 50km and easily accessible if you take the motorway A1 and A32.  If you are driving from Lisbon to Porto it is a great place to plan a stop for a memorable meal. It is owned and run by chef Lindolfo Ribeiro, a bastion of Portuguese gastronomy for decades. Chef Lindolfo is well known in Portugal he has demonstrated many of his dishes on national TV cookery programmes and has written a Portuguese cookbook illustrating his recipes.

The buffet of starters offers great options for a full sample of Portuguese cuisine; cured ham, tiny fried sardines, prawns, shrimp rissoles, octopus salad, codfish cakes and black eyed bean salad, meat rissoles, dressed crab, chicken croquettes. Soups include the traditional Portuguese caldo verde made with shredded kale, potato and chuncks of chouriço, and chicken soup canja.

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If you still have room for a main course worth trying is the pernil ( slow cooked pork shank) or vitela ( roast veal) or for a lighter option go for the filetes de polvo fried fillets of octopus. Portions are generous and you can order one portion for two.

restaurante lindolfo

Desserts are heavenly. There is a mouth-watering selection of desserts for you to try. The traditional desserts are mostly egg- based and seasoned with spices such as cinnamon and vanilla. The most popular are leite creme (egg custard base topped with a layer of crispy carmel ) similar to the French crème brûlée. Pudim flã ( a carmel custard pudding). Aletria like a sweet rice pudding but made with vermicelli and spiced with cinnamon. The dessert buffet always includes a fresh fruit platter.


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João, Lindolfo’s son looks after the front of house and the extensive wine list and will be happy to advise. He speaks fluent English and is very welcoming to locals and tourists.

restaurante lindolfo

Everything is made from quality ingredients. The food is impressive and you will have the pleasure of tasting good Portuguese wines. You will enjoy a great meal and the atmosphere is very pleasant like the owners. A memorable dining experience for approximately €22 a person including starters, main course, desserts, wine and coffee.

Restaurante Lindolfo

Rua Villa Cesari, 45

3700-615 Cesar

Tel: 256 851 721

GPS : 40º 54’33.00N  8º 25’58.00W

Opening times: Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday lunch and dinner.



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  • Comment by Tia Danielle — July 20, 2017 @ 7:05 am

    Everything here looks delicious! Creme brulee is my favorite dessert, so I think that I would probably like the Leite Creme. This restaurant seems amazing and hopefully if I ever get to travel to Portugal, I’ll get to experience it.

    I find it interesting that the restaurant is open only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Is that common in Portugal?

  • Comment by Paulo Tavares — July 23, 2017 @ 5:51 pm

    Hi Tia, if you like creme brulee you’d love the dessert buffet here. In relation to the opening times, no it is not usual for restaurants to open at the weekends only. Here it’s because they are in high demand for lots of local functions as well and do all the prep during the week.

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