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Coach museum Lisbon

The National Coach Museum  Lisbon is just in front of the train stop at Belém station. It is housed in two buildings which are just across the road from each other and close to restaurants, cafés and, other historical sites.

The old building is a beautiful space with painted ceilings and has a wonderful display of old fire engines as well. The National Coach Museum Lisbon has a collection unlike any other in the world.  There are more than 50 magnificent coaches meticulously preserved on display very early models dating from 1691, to the height of extravagance in the 18th-century. It shows you how the rich and famous got around  in style.  Not to miss simply stunning.

Ocean Coach

National coach museum lisbon

National coach museum lisbon

A unique example of Italian baroque. One of the coaches of the Embassy sent by the King of Portugal to the Pope in the 1716. The decoration represents the Atlantic ocean meeting the Indian ocean.


The Berlin emerged in the city of Berlin during the second half of the 17th century. The suspension system differentiates it from the coach. The body rests on two wide leather straps, which provide greater stability, making travel more comfortable


Eyeglass Chaise

National coach museum lisbon

The chaise was a discrete and practical vehicle for daily use. In the early 19th century they were the first rental cars in Lisbon. The one in this picture is a Portuguese travel vehicle. It is rapid, strong and swift and could be driven by the occupant himself


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Light vehicles used by the Royal Family in their palace gardens.

 Cabriolet for Children 19th Century

Small – scale cabriolets similar to adult vehicles, used by the small princes and princesses to play with and promenade in parks and gardens.


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The Crown State Carriage 19th Century

Ceremonial vehicles used by the Royal Family and Nobility in state parties, such as coronations, public entrances, weddings and baptisms.

 Litter 18th Century

National coach museum lisbon

Two seat litter, a vehicle without wheels pulled by two mules. They were easy to manoeuver in hard roads where wheeled vehicles could not circulate.

 Sedan Chairs

National coach museum lisbon

Transport without wheels carried by two or four footmen used in narrow streets to transport noble ladies, the sick or members of the clergy.

I love this museum it is one thing to see these coaches on TV or  in films, but when you experience them up close you get to see the amazing craftsmanship in detail.

Are you  inspired to visit ? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

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