Shopping in Lisbon: Our Insider’s Guide

Lisbon shopping

Are you looking for the best shopping in  Lisbon? You’ll find unique gifts for that someone special in your life with our Lisbon shopping guide.Whether you’re in the market for original accessories or vintage finds these shops should be on your Lisbon shopping list.

Pelcor – Cork Shop Lisbon

Pátio do Tijolo, Nr. 16, 1250- 096

Pelcor’s eco- friendly golf bag is made from Portugal’s largest export material, cork. Sustainable harvesting means trees age for 25 years before the nine-year harvest cycle begins. Trendy and innovative products infuse sustainability with fashion. (We love the umbrellas and the totes.) How’s that for a hole in one?

Typographia – Lisbon T-Shirt Shop

Rua Augusta, 93, 1100- 052

For one of the coolest shops in Lisbon try Typpgraphia on Rua Augusta. This chic boutique has a unique selection of sloganed and designer T-shirts (see: Cod Eaters Since 1147, LISBOA, Mui Nobre Sempre Leal). Made in Portugal from high quality cotton and water- based inks. There’s nothing that screams“souvenir” here. Buy as a gift for a loved one. Talk about a statement piece.


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Embaixada – Concept Store

Praça do Principe Real 26, 1250-184

Yearning for something different? Check out the Lisbon boutiques at Embaixada in the trendy district of Principe Real. The place to go shopping in Lisbon for a curated selection of Portuguese designer goods. Housed in a former Moorish palace.

LX Factory

Things to do in Lisbon with kids

Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501

One of thebest places to shop in Lisbon if you are looking for something a bit different. This old factory has been converted into unusual artisan shops, cafés and restaurants. A lively, funky place to spend a few hours shopping. The interesting graffiti on the walls ads to the experience. One of our favourite is the Ler Devagar bookshop complete with flying bicycle. Don’t miss the best chocolate cake ever at Landeau.


Loja da Burel

Rua Serpa Pinto 15B, 1200-443

If you are wondering what to buy in Lisbon that is unique and interesting then this high design destination in the fashionable Chiado district of Lisbon might be for you. The owners of this Lisbon shop have taken the age old process of  producing Burel, a traditional wool fabric used by mountain shepherds and transformed it into fashion accessories, home decor, and even wall coverings.

Ó ! Galeria – Art Shop Lisbon

Calçada de Santo André 86, 1100-022

Located in the Mouraria district on the steep climb up to St George’s castle you’ll find Galeria Ó !.  Specialising in the art of illustration, the walls are filled with drawings by artists from all over the world.

Cortiço & Netos – Tiles

Calçada de Santo André, 66 Intendente 1100-497

Stylish shop offering an astonishing selection of  tiles. The Cortiço brothers inherited the business from their grandfather who was an expert on buying and selling discontinued lines of the traditional tiles.

Mercearia dos Açores

Rua da Madalena 115, 1100-318

Stock up on edible lisbon souvenirs at this grocery shop in the Baixa. You’ll find products from the Portuguese island of Azores – cheeses, liqueurs, teas, canned food, all with the quality and flavours of the islands.



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Loja das Conservas – Sardine Shop Lisbon

Rua do Arsenal 130, 1100-040

Head to Loja das Conservas for an astonishing array of Portuguese tinned fish. Cod, eel, octopus, squid and mackerel. Skinless, boneless, in vegetable or olive oil, plain or with tomato sauce. (Our favourite is “petinga” tiny sardines). Beautifully packaged they make a lovely souvenir so if you are wondering what to buy in Portugal, this is one of best buys in Lisbon , I never leave without some.

Regina Chocolates


A Vida Portuguesa| Rua Anchieta 11, 1200-023 Chiado

Founded in 1928 in Lisbon, the brand has launched products such as the iconic umbrella shaped chocolates that became bestsellers in cafés throughout the country. The company was relaunched in 2002 reviving the designs of the beautiful postcard-like packaging to the delight of visiting retrophiles.

Bordallo Pinheiro

Avenida Guerra Junqueiro 28-D, 1000-167

Are you looking for the best souvenirs from Lisbon?  Then how about Lisbon pottery, the traditional pottery of Bordello Pinheiro functional, decorative and inspired by local traditions. A cabbage leaf cereal bowl, yes you read it right!  There’s even a section on sardines.


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Are you inspired to go shopping in Lisbon? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

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